Mama coaching for the mother who wants to be even happier

What is mama coaching?

Mama coaching by Iris Coaching is a combination of life coaching for the woman who has become a mother combined with family coaching for the mother who wants to undstand and improve her communication skills towards her children and be the best possible example that her children could wish for.

You realise that becoming a mother has been so far the most challenging role you have taken up in your life and yet it is one where you have gotten in the most unprepared. There are no academies, colleges, nor universities for which you could sign up in preparation of becoming a mother. Let alone obtain a certificate ‘cum laude mother’…

No, it is sometimes a though and difficult role where you learn ‘on the job’ which sometimes triggers you.

The only example you might have are the way your parents did the parenting job. Sometimes good, sometimes not at all, sometimes outdated, sometimes not fitted to your and your partner’s personality nor values.

Becoming of being a mother is sometimes being succumbed to earlier negative experiences which trigger you as a mother and which could cause outbursts toward your children which you later on regret very much.

‘Sometimes being a mother could feel like a burden’, you almost whisper it, because you feel ashamed. Your environment or even society would disapprove, right?

All this above and much more is what you and I address in 3 consecutive sessions and one follow up session. Read on to find out more about it.

How does it work?

It starts fairly simple. 
It starts by you. You recognize that the current way things go on in your life and by extension in your family do not run as you like it. You feel that there is more and better somewhere possible.

You might have walked this path several times by yourself by reading piles of books about selfdevelopment, parenting and many other topics, trying to make a change.

You have probably visited a therapist several times where you perhaps felt a bit of change for a while, but not not the breaktrough change which you envisaged.

You feel now that you are ready for change. You feel it is time for action, you don’t want to run away any longer from the ghosts from the past, from the convictions that keep you in the same old space where you don’t want to be.

Is this you?


Is mama coaching something for me?

I have three questions that will help you to define whether this approach is for you.

  • Are you ready to change?
  • Do you give yourself time to change?
  • Do you give yourself permission to change?

About mama coaching

Iris Uylenbroeck - Iris Coaching - mama coach

About Iris

I am Iris Uylenbroeck [U’hlen’brook], yes unfortunately unpronouncable outside the Dutch speaking area. The meaning of my family name is owl near a swamp.

I am a mama coach since 2017.

My company’s name is called Iris Coaching.

Iris, not because I was so eager to use my name, but more because of the symbols that relate to my coaching approach.

  • Iris, an ancient Greek mythology figure who was a messenger between heaven and earth over the rainbow
  • Iris, as it is a part of the eye which I use to observe your body language during the sessions and which helps me to give you the feedback about your subconscious who communicates via body language
  • Iris, as it is a beautiful, delicate flower and that is what I wish you for, to blossom

Why I became a mama coach?

I have decided to become a mama coach, because I believe that if you feel as a mother and woman well, then you can improve the future by setting the best possible example to your children. I also believe in your capacities to change and daring to choose happiness and lifetime growing.

I am a certified coach according to the Body Mind Workers program set up by Matt Hudson in the UK.

Coaching Background

My training consists so far out of more than 300 hours, spread over two years.

The Body Mind Workers trainings consists out of NLP, hypnotherapy, family coaching inspired by Virginia Satir and Matt Hudson models.

Who am I?

I am a mother, daughter, sister and I hope a good friend. 

I love to bake cookies and pies with my children and make long walks with family and friends. I also love reading and listening to music.

My secret? I love notebooks and I have a constant stock of unused notebooks. Just in case I would like to start a new project or have a brainwave.

Are you ready for change?

When you are ready for action and want to become even happier as a womand and mother, start by taking the first step and book an appointment, online or locally in Belgium.

I am looking forward seeing you and start this journey of change with you.

Contact details

Address: Slachthuisstraat 50B, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium

Tel.: +32 486 278 157

E-mail: iriscoachingbelgium[@]